Learning My Profession

Learning more and more about my profession has been fun and challenging at the same time. Learning the ins and outs of advertising has been thrilling and at times hard due to not knowing much at the moment. It’s also been great learning from ┬ámore experienced students here at Lindsey + Asp and also my professors. One professor in particular has been David Tarpenning who has given me many important tips to make the most of my time and what to learn as an advertising student.


Networking has been something that I have had to adjust to this year. Spreading my name to people has taken time for me to be comfortable with because I am someone who does not like talking to people just to know for business purposes. I now know that networking is more than that and that networking is making connections with people you enjoy who may also need your assistance or help in a professional manner. Networking is also something I have had time adjusting too because I am naturally a reserved person who isn’t very outgoing, so finding ways to approach people while being genuine has taken time for to get the hang of.

Finding Balance

Finding balance is something that can be difficult, especially in college. Since I’ve been in college, it seems that I’ve started neglecting time to myself with time for work, sometimes becoming too worried with schoolwork or activities for my own good. And there are also times when I neglect my schoolwork to relax because I feel like I don’t get enough time to myself. I know that to have a successful professional life, I need to find a great balance between work and fun.

My Strengths

Finding what my strengths are has been a long process since I’ve been in college. What I thought were once my strengths have become weaknesses and what I once overlooked about myself have now become some of my best attributes. Finding my strengths has taken multiple trial and errors and I believe that is the only way to find what type of strengths you have that accentuate your personal brand. It also shows what your weaknesses are and what you need to work on to be a great all around person.

Personal Branding Assignment

The personal branding assignment this semester has been a tasking project. I did not know what to expect when I started the assignment but it has been a challenge during the process. The amount of work and effort into this assignment has been more than I have had to put into an assignment since I’ve been in Gaylord. The amount of information about myself this assignment has required me to obtain has been rewarding though. Being able to see my strengths and weaknesses has given me insight on what to emphasize for my career and what I need to work on to be the best professional possible.

Lindsey + Asp

Interning at Lindsey + Asp has been a great experience this semester. It has been a great blessing for my future career and has taught me many things already. Being in a professional environment this year while in college has definitely prepared me for my career in advertising by showing me what it takes to be an effective professional. Also working with real clients has been amazing because it has taught me that not all of my ideas are as good as I thought and has made my critical thinking skills better than ever. This has been a rewarding semester already and I can’t wait to see what else is in store.

OU Cousins Continued

When they say college is where you make your lifelong friends, they mean it. When Simon and I met last year, I didn’t know what to expect. But to this day, we still keep in contact and still hang out.
When Simon left last semester to finish his degree at his university, I wasn’t sure if we would still keep in contact. I didn’t know if we would be able to have the same relationship that we had, but when he told me that he was coming back to OU for his graduate degree, I couldn’t wait for him to come back.
It was so fun to catch up when he came back. Seeing him further his career in radar engineering was fantastic because not only is he at a fantastic school, but he’s also here in Norman where I can still see him and eat burgers on Sunday. Also seeing him blossom here at OU has been fun because he’s become someone who has so many friends that he can rely on. It’s been refreshing seeing him embracing American culture and the people around him embracing him for who he is.
I see Simon and I staying friends for a long time because we have helped each other with so much. I helped him understand American culture, and he helped me understand different perspectives. It has helped me in college because everyone has their own background and views, and listening to them and trying to make a connection goes a long way. I wouldn’t have better understand this if it wasn’t for my OU Cousin, Simon.

Baccano Club

I never thought I would get involved in a language club when I got to college. It was something I was never really interested in and figured taking a foreign language class was experience enough. Then I decided to help out with the Baccano club for a couple of events. If you’re unaware of what the Baccano Club is, it is the Italian club here at OU. The first event I decided to help out with was a bake sale for an extra credit opportunity. When I got there, the people were friendly and we spoke about our own experiences with Italian. Even though we were suppose be selling cookies and cupcakes, we instead talked about what Italian meant to us. It was a really fun experience and made me want to help out with them a little more so when they announced they would help out with a movie screening, I jumped on it. The screening had many people and we helped spread the word about how to get involved with Baccano club. This really helped me find out what Italian can do for me and how I can further what I know about the Italian culture.
My only regret was that I didn’t join earlier because this experience greatly helped me this semester learn more about the Italian language and culture. It was nice to respect and learn about a new culture and allowed me to better understand what it means to be Italian.

Omar Khayyam

Going to the unveiling of the Omar Khayyam statue outside of Hester Hall was a wonderful experience. Having one of the most respected sculptors showcase his work at your university is a sight to behold. Also seeing people there to help celebrate a momentous occasion was a lovely experience as well.
The unveiling of the statue signified the future of the university by expanding its scope. Hearing President Boren speak about the sculpture was a nice way to show how OU was becoming more globally engaged and how it affects OU. Then when President Boren announced a $4 million donation to the Iranian Studies program was met with a rousing applause because that was definitely unexpected. Seeing that the College of International Studies is blazing new paths by expanding is really inspiring because it makes me feel like I’m at a place that is always bettering itself in every aspect.
Even though the event was something I did not expect to go to, it was a wonderful day that showed how OU is bettering itself in every facet.

Scottish First Minister

When I went to see the Scottish First Minister speak about politics, I did not know what to expect. Mostly because I had never heard of the Scottish First Minister and because I didn’t know what the Scottish First Minister did. Come to find out, the Scottish First Minister is the highest officer in the Scottish Parliament and their job is to basically run Scotland. So figuring out that the former leader of the Scottish Parliament was coming to OU was kind of a big deal.
The talk discussed how the world views US politics and how they view what is going on with this Presidential election. The majority was criticism on how US politics have now become more of a sideshow rather than a showcase of different views. He discussed how politicians do not serve the people and instead serve themselves. He also criticized the media coverage and how they sensationalize certain aspects and only discuss topics that will gain consumers instead of important information. Although he did say that the UK faces similar problems as well, he said their issues aren’t as severe and as widely covered as they here in the US.
It was a great discussion on the challenges the US faces, especially since it’s an election year with a lot of eyes watching what the US does.

A journal of my experiences here at OU in the Global Engagement Fellowship Program