First Semester at OU

My first semester here at OU has been amazing! All the new people I have made here at OU have been so kind and welcoming to me, it seems to be rubbing off on me. My classes have been very interesting and also fun in the best ways possible, and it also helps that I have passed all of them so far. I really have learned quite a bit from just one semester here at OU. Having so many classes has given me different perspectives that I don’t think I would’ve learned about, so I think my schedule has really helped me learn more than I could’ve ever hoped for.

My favorite part of college has been getting involved with on campus activities and clubs. Right now I am involved with OU Cousins, the Union Programming Board, and I’m part of OU’s Green Week Executive Committee so getting involved on campus has not been difficult for me. It’s also so nice to get involved in organizations that I genuinely love and I am interested in.

The only thing I have not liked about college so far is the dreaded Dead Week and also my finals. I know every college student experiences them, but I still like to gripe about them regardless. Other than those two terrible weeks though, everything has been peachy and a great experience.

The one thing I do hope to do next semester is explore more of my surroundings here in Norman. I do need experience more of Norman and it’s surrounding cities such as Moore and more of Oklahoma City. I just feel like I’ve been limiting myself by staying on campus most of my time during my first semester.

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